Best Bartenders Mixology and Molecular Mixology Courses

Best Bartenders Mixology and Molecular Mixology Courses

Sign up today for Best Bartenders Mixology and Molecular Mixology courses. Learn techniques like infusion, extraction, gelification and spherification. Our classes will take your bartending to the next level. Contact us today at

Cheers to “Mr. Anderson”!

To commemorate our 100th Facebook like we decided to create a cocktail in recognition of this mile stone. It turns out the person who was our 100th like was not only an avid spirit enthusiast and connoisseur , they were also a long time friend and former roomate of C.E.O. Derek Gannotta. A large amount of time was put into this luxurious libation and without further hesitation I present you with the Mr. Anderson!

Congratulations to Joshua Gonzalez of BestBartendersFL on winning 2nd place at the Mandarine Napoleon Emperor’s Challenge!

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Yesterday BestBartendersFL cheered on our favorite mixologist; Joshua Gonzalez at Radio in Miami Beach for the 2013 Mandarine Napoleon Emperor’s Challenge. After several rounds of competition Joshua and his partner placed overall 2nd in the competition. These are some of the delicious cocktails the team came up with in the competition. Contact us today to have Joshua and BestBartendersFL create amazing cocktails for your next event. –

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Marion-Berry Gelification

Marion-Berry Gelification

Stop sipping the same boring event cocktails and elevate your event experience. Edible cocktails with fresh and exciting flavors are just one of the amazing creations that BestBartendersFL can make for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Fresh Slices of Mimosa

Fresh Slices of Mimosa

Looks like orange slices, but tastes like a mimosa. Using Molecular Mixology techniques BestBartendersFL can create edible cocktails that can be molded to almost any shape. Contact BestBartendersFL today for a complimentary consultation to see how we can elevate your event experience. –

Syrup Infusion

Syrup Infusion

One of the basic principles of mixology is infusion: melding two or more ingredients or flavors. BestBartendersFL uses infusion to create sweet, spicy and exotic syrups to elevate any event cocktail menu. Our syrups all use the freshest organic ingredients and are tailor made for YOU. Contact BestBartendersFL today for a complimentary consultation. –

Molecular Caviar Flight

Molecular Caviar Flight

Molecular Mixology is already beginning to make a strong presence in the South Florida restaurant scene, but for the most part it is not present in South Florida special events. Elevate your event experience with BestBartendersFL staff and cocktails. Flavored caviars make a beautiful garnish for any cocktail and can be created in almost every flavor. Contact BestBartendersFL today for a complimentary consultation and see how BestBartendersFL can help create the perfect event for YOU.

Ice Spheres

Ice Spheres

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you know we love to work with different ices. The over-sized ice spheres are no exception. Ice spheres have more surface area, so they cool a drink down while not watering down the spirit too much. They’re perfect for a single-malt and they look great in our Ketel One glasses from a past event. Ice spheres come in several sizes and can be infused with juices, purees and other fun ingredients. Contact BestBartendersFL today for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help to elevate your event experience.

What’s Your Inspiration?

What's Your Inspiration?

Contact BestBartendersFL today to find out what custom cocktails we want to craft for your next event. There’s no cost to you.